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PQToolkit Power Monitoring Toolset for LabVIEW TM

Power monitoring saves costs and energy. With the PQToolkit you can easily create custom power monitoring applications using LabVIEW™ and off-the-shelf hardware.


With the PQToolkit you can easily create custom power monitoring applications using LabVIEW™ and off-the-shelf hardware. Pre-packaged power monitoring solutions are often limited by what can be required in the number of channels, mix of voltage vs. current channels, custom calculations and types of measurements. Applications for monitoring single-phase multi-branch circuit systems, two phase and three phase delta or wye circuits are easily created from the components of the PQToolkit.

Power quantity, power quality, and transient capture and analysis tools are provided as a set of VI’s you can drag and drop to build user-defined LabVIEW™ applications. Power measurements include true RMS/peak voltage and current, watts, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, phase balance, crest factor, distortion power factor, total harmonic distortion and harmonic levels. Transient capture includes a number of user selectable software triggers like waveform tracking, RMS level, Max/Min, manual and digital. Transient analysis based captured events include sag/swell analysis and CBEMA (ITIC) analysis. Examples, including power quantity for single, two and three phase circuits are provided, as well as for transient capture.

Customize to your needs

The PQToolkit allows for easily created custom applications to meet project specific needs. The uses and applications for the PQToolkit for power monitoring solutions are unlimited and very extensible. Use the programmability of LabVIEW™ to create exactly the application you need. The PQToolkit, in conjunction with the Order Analysis Toolset, creates a machine condition monitoring system which monitors all aspects of a machine’s condition simultaneously. You can also simultaneously monitor the input and the output of a UPS to see exactly what happens to the output power on the loss and re-establishment of utility power. Do you need to take large data sets? Extended data sets can be acquired by streaming the data to disk through the use of a buffered acquisition. It is relatively simple to set up a system to take and record continuous data to observe the reaction of a power system to an extended event.

Scalable Solutions

Scale your performance. Design your system by choosing low end PC DAQ cards and PCMCIA cards, or scale up to high end PXI and DSA cards. The desired performance can be designed into your system from the ground up; hereby minimizing costs. The ability to keeping pace with increasing future system requirements is built-in.

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