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RF and Microwaves


Since National Instruments (NI) first introduced the PXI PC-based platform in 1998, companies world-wide have taken advantage of its open architecture to develop innovative new ways to characterize, test and develop their products and systems more efficiently and with greater speed.

At Solubit, we take the NI building blocks to create multiple applications for clients across a variety of industries, including consumer products, aerospace and defense, looking for cost-effective ways to test and measure their RF and microwave products and systems.

Our award winning team of engineers and software developers design, develop and implement testing solutions for proprietary applications every day. You know your equipment is in qualified hands and Solubit will help you test and deploy your equipment in less time, with less effort and more cost effectively than you think. And when the implementation is complete, our engineers turn over the code to your team with full documentation.


Our software is intuitively designed so anyone can quickly and accurately obtain the RF and Microwave data needed from your systems under test no matter your experience level. Targeted examples of Solubit’s RF technology expertise include:

Direct Phase Measurement

The availability of high-speed digitizers makes possible the direct phase measurement of RF signals without the use of phase detectors. Solubit pioneered the use of digital signal oscilloscopes, synchronized using the PXI backplane, to attain two-degree accuracy in phase measurement.

Low Power, High Sensitivity, RF Communications

We adapted the PXI-5661/PXI-5670 RF analyzer/signal generator pair to emulate RF devices for product testing. Our familiarity with signal emulation includes many types of modulation (OOK, FSK, GFSK, MSK), RSSI measurement, programmable channel filter bandwidth, and packet-oriented communication, and we have experience in building packets to support specific transceivers along with implementation and use of data-whitening algorithms and CRC.

Pulse Power and Radar Applications

Look to Solubit for the development of systems for characterizing and tuning high power transmitters for radar applications. Our skills in this area include both relative and absolute phase characterization and full pulse shape analysis.

RF Design to Support Measurements

Many times signals need to be routed, attenuated, or amplified before measurement. Also, measurements may need to be made using directional couplers. We can work with you to design RF systems, including the use of splitters, directional couplers, attenuators, amplifiers, etc. to facilitate the needed measurements.


We bring experience across multiple industries and the ability to design test and measurement equipment for your legacy and new systems. We’ll help you dramatically reduce test times and capital expenditures while producing and delivering finished products to market more quickly and efficiently.

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