Test and Measurement System Integrators

Solubit spun out from L3 Harris and has been independent since 2003. We specialize in user-defined test and measurement systems. Our team is SEI/CMM 2.5 assessed.

Our goal is to deliver world-class solutions while promoting end-user ownership and success with the instruments and platforms used in the build. We maintain a staff of certified engineers focused on development, integration, and end-user education.

From startup assistance to solution deep dives, we strive to ensure our clients can use, maintain, and update their systems.

Bill Raskob and Clint Biggs

Meet the Nerds

Clint Biggs

Expert communicator, connector, and trust builder. A bold optimist who invests in people.

President & Business Development

Bill Raskob

An expert listener who helps customers discover the best systems for their needs.

Founder & Solutions Engineer

Rana Richards

Traveling face painter, enjoys anything LabVIEW™ oriented, expert logician.

Solutions Engineer

Blake Ewton

Process and systems engineering expert. LabVIEW architect.

Solutions Engineer

Wes Pierce

Integration hardware and software expert. LabVIEW architect.

Solutions Engineer

Luis Salcido

Your guide to efficiency and optimization. Expertly connecting smart people with innovative solutions.

Solutions & Sales Engineer

Cherry Durfee

Prone to doodling, expert storyteller, and content optimizer.

Solutions Marketer

Valued Partnerships

Solubit is your best source for test and measurement equipment from a wide variety of vendors. We serve as consultants, integrators, value-add resellers, and full system developers.

Our team will guide you through the configuration and integration of the right system to fit your needs, at the list price. No mark-ups.

These partnerships allow us to assist in the timely procurement of test equipment. We strive to source the instrumentation you need without long lead times due to supply chain constraints.

Bring your big ideas, and we’ll match them with the right products.

Logos from Solubit's featured test and measurement equipment vendors.

Our Approach

Solubit engineer in the lab with a test and measurement solution build
Solubit eningeer in the lab teaching an NI course with modular test and measurement equipment
Solubit engineer at IMS 2021 demonstrating 5G NR test solutions

COTS Integration

From standalone instrumentation to rack-and-stack to PC-based integration to Tablets and distributed platforms, to the Cloud, to whatever is next. Leveraging COTS allows us to provide our client’s projects with the latest innovation and standards.  

Software Design Models

Software architecting with a goal of providing our customers with solutions that are easy to understand and reuse. Code is written to give a general abstraction layer that is more readable and offers clean entry points for future development. Reuse then becomes an option for both scaling the current solution and leveraging for future systems. ​

Data Analysis and Management

We understand data management and work to integrate relevant data management, analysis, and reporting into our solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the best data in the most usable format to inform your decisions.​

Solution Ownership

Beyond the hardware and software, each solution comes with a user manual with step-by-step instructions. We then deliver the solution and ensure the initial setup goes to plan. We also allow for meaningful system use before final acceptance.