Graphic describing the versatility of TMYTEK beam formers to upgrade baseband instrumentation

Upgrade Baseband Instrumentation

The BBox™ and UD Box are highly flexible devices that can be integrated with a wide variety of sub-6 GHz baseband instrumentation.

Product images of BBox One and Lite with 8x8 and 4x4 detachable antennas.

The Beamformer Series

The BBox™ Series is a set of compact tools designed to help you move into 5G NR mmWave beamforming development and test with ease.

3D Illustration of a vehicle design

Trigger System

Built for real-time applications, this system is web-based, allowing for stand-alone use from power-ups.

Semiconductor test image with instrument and DUT

PCB Design Reliability Test

An intuitive application that allows users to define thermal profiles and control the execution of oven cycling.