mmWave Developer Kit

The best way to learn new technology is to get hands-on experience by operating it step-by-step. The Developer Kit is not only suitable for education and academics but R&D for prototype development as well.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Robotics

Cohu: Software Refresh

The goal of this software refresh project was to extend the life of Cohu’s product beyond what customers thought was possible.

An image depicting the integration of LabVIEW with CONTROLLINO to create this Arduino based solar charge controller application.

Arduino Application for Beginners

This Solar Charge Controller Application is a basic VI that controls relays and monitors voltages. These basic features can be repurposed in your next Arduino application and used as a basis for many automation projects.

5G NR Beamformers and Components

Solutions for Beam Steering, Tracking, Algorithm Development, and Antenna Design. Beamformers Up/Down Converters Educational & Research Tools

Student adjusting cables on the BBoard

BBoard: Beamforming Educational Tool

By adjusting the phase and the gain of each RF channel and observing the result on instrumentation, students can establish the connection between the theory and the real world.