Production lab with high volume test and measurement automation needs


Benefits of Automation

Benefits of automated test and measurement processes include reduced time to market, reduced production cost, and expanded throughput. Other benefits of automation include consistent and reliable insight into design while verifying quality standards at the end of the manufacturing line.

For instance, in our Embedded Control case study, our client enjoyed a 66% reduction in test time. Resulting in sustainable growth for their business. Most importantly, their team is now able to focus on what they do best, rather than perform tests manually.

Solubit’s Test and Measurement Services

Our automated Test and Measurement solutions have reduced costs, improved throughput, and optimized production flow for clients. Industries such as semiconductor, consumer electronics, and aerospace have enjoyed the benefits of automation. We specialize in intelligent software implementation in a variety of test environments. From simple to complex testing needs, our nerds can optimize your system. Followed by unparalleled support.

Placing the control and execution of tests into the hands of our clients is our primary objective. At the same time, increasing accessibility to outcome evaluations and comparison of results. Above all, we aim for end-user -ownership for each deployed solution.

Our team is stocked with LabVIEW and TestStand certified engineers who are well-versed in integrating hardware from a variety of suppliers. Solubit has a development history paved with exceptional LabVIEW™ coding and thoughtful user interfaces that streamline and optimize the tasks of any user. If you have a process to perform or data to collect, we can help you do it faster and better.

Engine Test Cell

Deployed internationally and is used in design labs on three continents for component testing up to full system testing.

Fully Automated Electronic Seat Test

We led the selection of all electrical and mechanical hardware, electrical circuit design and layout, machine work, assembly, integration, and test.

PCB Design Reliability Test

An intuitive application that allows users to define thermal profiles and control the execution of oven cycling.