Trigger system used by department of defense.

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Stand-alone use form


Key Technology


NI cRIO-9076

NI 94018 Channel TTL

i/o Card

Product Description

Our Compact and FlexRIO Trigger System for real-time applications is web-based, allowing for stand-alone use from power-ups. This platform offers great flexibility and portability at an affordable price. Most, importantly, the NI cRIO™ systems feature an on-board FPGA which offers the ability to perform sophisticated count, reset, and re-trigger operations, all with hardware timing (rates up to 10MHz).

The typical system consists of a NI cRIO-9076 chassis with an integrated controller with NI 9401.8 channel TTL i/o card. Additional slots are available for expansion to other sensor types.

This system has custom LabVIEW™ software running onboard which performs the re-trigger function. The CompactDAQ Trigger System will perform its re-trigger function using settings passed to it from a user application running on a laptop, connecting to the NI cRIO™ through the ethernet jack.


This platform has been deployed to manage the timing of an automotive thermal imaging system. This thermal imaging system was used for engine monitoring in an unforgiving environment. Our Trigger System offered a simple, robust solution to hardware timing control.

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