A series of satellites monitoring deployed assets

What Is Deployed Asset Management?

Deployed asset management is the logistical act of delivering or releasing an asset item or entity to targeted end-users in a specific environment. A major pain point in this process is gathering real-time data on the location and status of a given asset.

Assets are required in all types of environments, some are complex or unforgiving, resulting in issues with data acquisition and process management. Daily and seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity cause inconsistency in asset performance. Therefore, environmental control is a key focus of asset management applications.

Environmental control systems are solutions used to regulate environmental conditions within a space. They play a critical role in a variety of industrial applications, such as signal processing, radar, and power optimization.

Solubit’s Services

Solubit has over a decade of experience with extreme asset management and environmental control. Our solutions provide customized software platforms to efficiently ensure unit status, consistent performance, and maintenance for all test and control assets, regardless of the location.

As a reference of our capabilities in environmental control and asset monitoring, reference this PID Controller case study. Customer benefits enjoyed from this solution include reduced maintenance costs and a plant model.

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