Design validation and characterization reduces design cycles.

Why Does Your Design Need To Be Validated and Characterized?

Design validation and characterization is a test process that verifies that the product you built functions as intended for the end-user. Designs must be validated and characterized to guarantee their performance. As a result, these processes assess the level to which a product meets defined objectives and requirements for development, before production.

Solubit’s Validation & Characterization Services

Reduce the length of your design cycle by optimizing validation and characterization processes with a Solubit solution. Solubit has proven success with comprehensive test solutions which characterize the behavior of hardware/software systems or validate design specifications, interface standards, UUT requirements, and diagnostics.

Our HRIT Platform is an example of Solubit’s capabilities in package-level, PCB design reliably. As test demands and standards evolve, our solutions do too. For example, this platform consolidates test processes by providing both failure definition and event detection insight.

The Power quality and Monitoring Toolkit enables developers of all capabilities to create functional power quality monitoring applications. This LabVIEW™ based toolkit implements IEEE standard power quality calculations and supports a wide variety of data acquisition hardware.

Examples of Customer Success

FRAM RFID Interrogator Characterization

  • COTS PXI-based solution
  • FPGA replaces custom circuits and provides real-time input/output
  • Pulse RF, various types of communication modulation/demodulation
  • Secure RFID tag and other part communication

Low Power, High Sensitivity RF Communication

  • RF signal emulation
  • RSSI measurements
  • Programmable channel filter bandwidth
  • packet-oriented communication
  • CRC error handling

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