Customer Benefits

Reduced Test Times

Reduced Time to Market

Increased Profits

Improved Test Control & Insight

Key Technology

Servo Motors

Custom Software

The Challenge

This Embedded Control solution was created for a worldwide provider of industrial equipment, technologies, and services. This client was looking to increase the throughput of their materials design testing. However, accelerating the process presented challenges including cam/follow separation, mechanical vibration, and load inconsistencies.

Solubit’s Embedded Control Solution

Solubit met these challenges by replacing the existing cam system with servo motors. This embedded control system update integrated control and test processes by providing autonomous data acquisition on up to 28 separate test cells and real-time force and torque feedback. Our solution provided insight beyond Finite Element Analysis by testing the fatigue of various designs. To develop a test design featuring load consistency, Solubit measured the force profile and made that profile the target for the system’s feedback loop.

The use of servo motors avoided the wasteful continuous running of compressors, thereby reducing operational and maintenance costs. This allowed our client to enjoy reduced test times by 66%, thus speeding time to market and increasing profits on target product lines.