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Product Description

Our Engine Test Cell has been deployed internationally and is used in design labs on three continents. The Engine Test Cell is an adaptable solution for component testing up to full system testing. This platform features autonomous sequencing operations, with user-defined safety and shutdown sequences. It interfaces with design test databases for data logging and analysis.

This test executive’s capabilities include privileging complex safety settings and multiple dimensions of data in non-sequential processes. This asynchronous processing is done simultaneously and is dependency oriented, all of which is fully customizable to suit various application settings.

This robust, scalable platform solution is adaptable to a wide variety of test cell applications. It’s available as an off-the-shelf solution or for custom application needs.


This platform has been deployed in the automation of compressor and turbine map generation which was used to optimize turbocharger design selection and performance. This process was a monotonous and high-risk process requiring 8-10 hours of testing to generate the map. Automating this process with Solubit’s Engine Test Cell, optimized this process significantly. This toolkit is versatile and can be deployed to manage electrical usage in complex systems to pinpoint flaws throughout the system. With 32 inputs, this turnkey solution is equipped for simultaneous measurements throughout various components of any electrical system. The LabVIEW™ based UI is set up to implement standard power quality calculations.

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