Radar monitoring meteorological data

Customer Benefits

Plant Model

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Distributed System

Integrated Visual Data

24/7 Monitoring

Key Technology

Real-time PXI System

The Challenge

An industry leader specializing in surveillance solutions, microwave weaponry, and electronic warfare operates a phase radar system that uses a protective radome as a weather guard for sensitive antennae. However, daily and seasonal temperature and humidity variation caused a cyclical pressure variance, resulting in cracks in the elastomer radome substrate and premature breakdown of the substrate.

Solubit’s Evironmental Control Solution

Solubit’s solution to this extreme asset monitoring and protection challenge at a military installation was a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Controller for monitoring external weather conditions and maintain constant internal environments for safety and system performance.

Solubit’s PID Controller directed blowers to maintain consistent pressure within the radome structure and making external and internal atmospheric measurements (pressure, wind speed & direction, humidity, etc.) Thus reducing stress on the internal components caused by thermal and moisture variance. The maintenance needs of the elastomer and foam blocks were greatly reduced by this system stabilization.

Solubit’s contribution to the project was significant in the development of a plant model to assist in tuning the controller and for verification and integration tests. Solubit’s Distributed System is equipped with a PID loop to maintain normal operations set-point, back-up blowers for high-wind situations, and fail-safe operation mode.

This 24/7 monitoring system features integrated visual data and redundant sensor/ bad data elimination capabilities, along with intelligent process monitoring and logging for troubleshooting purposes. Solubit addressed Information Assurance needs on this project through certifying deployed systems in SCAP, STIGS & Automated Vulnerabilities Assessments.