SCADA used to control batch oven processing.

Customer Benefits

Superior Insight

Propelled Batch Processing

Reduced Monitoring Needs

Enhanced Process


Design Optimization

Key Technology


The Challenge

This industry leader in aerospace component manufacturing had a fully manual process for temperature control of their furnaces used for aircraft disc brake fabrication. Thus requiring 24 hour, in-person maintenance, and provided low process visibility and insight. These constraints reduced design optimization capability.

Solubit’s Solution

Solubit’s solution was a SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) system that interfaced with plant control and monitor systems to maintain and log distributed plant processes in aircraft disc brake fabrication.

The SCADA system centralized logging of process data such as infrared pyrometer, process temperature, and gas composition. Solubit’s OPC/DCOM, Client/Server architecture monitors the production of thermal systems, and control of batch ovens.