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Real-Time Verification

Unparalleled Test Confidence

Key Technology



The Challenge

In High-Temperature Operating Life testing, scalability and test confidence are key. Production volume growth coupled with increased component capability present test and measurement challenges. For example throughput and design reliability, as DUT counts increase.

A major manufacturer of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog, and Flash-IP integrated circuits was looking to address these pain points in their PCB thermal testing.

Solubit’s High-Temperature Operating Life Test Solution

Solubit leveraged PXI with C/C++, based code to improve density and reliability for serial EEPROM and crypto memory products. Microchip enjoyed increased throughput from 80 parts per test to 2048. This system’s scalable architecture is expandable and provides real-time verification, resulting in unparalleled test confidence.

Solution Specifications

  • Non-Volatile Memory
    • I²C, SPI, Proprietary Protocols
  • In-Situ Tested
    • Checkerboard Pattern
    • Continuous Reads, Logged Error Results
  • Mixed Signal I/O
    • AO for High-Level Output
    • Settings, DIO for Buffered
    • Pattern I/O
NI PXI instrument and related software