Image of the Developer Kit components

Developer Kit

TMYTEK’s 5G mmWave Developer Kit is a comprehensive package that integrates both hardware and software.

This kit, with its well-designed courseware, is perfect for teaching students the principles of the phased array, beamforming, constructive/destructive interference, beam steering, and more.

This comprehensive toolkit includes all RF components needed and is courseware ready for the next generation of engineers and researchers from mmWave system prototyping, antenna design, RF front-end, to protocol development.

BBoard product image


5G/B5G Beamforming educational kit. Offers students a hands-on tool to gain a solid foundation in beamforming theory for 5G NR.

Product images of BBox One and Lite with 8x8 and 4x4 detachable antennas.

The BBox™ Series

The BBox™ Series is a set of compact tools designed to help you move into 5G NR mmWave beamforming development and test with ease

UD Box, Single and Dual

Broadband Up/Down Converter Built for mmWave Applications. Down convert RF to IF band. No need for expensive mmWave instruments, this low-cost option prevents path loss.