Beamforming Development Tool Experts:

  • Established in Taiwan in 2014
  • TMYTEK is dedicated to solving all the mmWave challenges in the 5G/ B5G era
  • ORAN has listed TMYTEK as an alliance contributor.
  • Solubit is an official distributor and partner with TMYTEK

Our Partnership with TMYTEK

Solubit is proud to be an official distributor and partner with TMYTEK, a mmWave total solution provider. Our team is ready to advise on configuration options for bringing your baseband instrumentation up to mmWave capabilities. We are also equipped to offer integration services and support, to ensure your success with TMYTEK devices.

Who is TMYTEK?

TMYTEK was founded in 2014 and provides the total solution for mmWave 5G/B5G from R&D tools, OTA testing to end devices and base stations. TMYTEK also builts mmWave phased arrays for satellite markets with advanced Antenna-in-Package (AiP) technology.

TMYTEK aims at a high-performance RU innovator and is part of the O-RAN alliance contributor. Fortune 500 companies and top universities have adopted our BBox™ (a ready-to-use beamformer) and UD Box (a wideband up/down converter) as their mmWave engineering tool kits

Applications of This Technology

Antenna designers can verify their design by docking the designed antenna to BBox. The UD Box works seamlessly with most of the Sub-6 GHz instruments, including Communication Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Generators, and even Software Defined Radios (SDRs).

5G protocol developers can verify the beam tracking algorithm and protocols by connecting BBox™ & Up / Down converter to the baseband instrument.

For mass production lines, the XBeam resolves the slow OTA testing issue to fulfill the hundreds of millions of mmWave modules, smartphones, and base stations to be tested before shipping. ORAN has listed TMYTEK as an alliance contributor.

TMYTEK aims at Radio Unit (RU) and implements the 5G FR2 phased arrays with advanced Antenna-in-Package (AiP) technology, integrating RU total solution along with DU & CU solution partners. They position Themselves as a high-performance RU innovator.

NI URSP Configuration
UD Box + SDR (Dual Channel)
UD Box + Signal Generator (or AWG) + SA (Signal Analyzer or Spectrum)
Configuration utilizing two BBox One and one UD Box to upgrade a base station emulator to 5G FR2.
UE Beamforming
BBox One, BBox Lite, UD Box, and MTS configured for channel sounding
Channel Sounding