Evolution of Networks from 1G to 5G

Build Your 5G NR Beamforming System

Beamforming is the key technology to 5G NR for communication and sensing applications. TMYTEK created the BBox series, the only 5G NR development kit that satisfies the needs of antenna designers and baseband algorithm developers in a modular, benchtop platform.

Seamless Integration

Solubit is a system integrator partnered with instrument vendors including NI, Keysight, TMYTEK, Pickering, Logicbus, and more. If your project requires more channel visualizations, customized data acquisition, or material measurements, we can support your requirements and success.

Upgrade Sub-6 GHz base station emulator to FR2 with the TMYTEK’s, Beamformer units (BBox Series), Up/Down Converter (UD Box), and customizable software interface.

The UD Box works seamlessly with most Sub-6 GHz instruments. Including Communication Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator, and Software Defined Radio (SDR).

System Building Blocks

Beamformer Series

Consists of 4 -16 channel RF control, standard antenna kit, and API software control through ethernet interface. Provides the ability to do phase and amplitude control through an ethernet connection.

Up-Down Converters

This broadband UD Box comprises the mixer(s),
internal LO built by our excellent phase noise PLO and optional filters. Dual and Single channel versions are available.

Developer Kit

Designed to offer a budget-friendly start to research for students and industry engineers. Antenna engineers utilize this kit to verify their designs; communication developers demonstrate protocol and beam management algorithm via true mmWave beamformer technology.

NI USRP X410 Bundle

This mmWave solution upgrade for USRP can solve researchers’ pain points. By using existing low-frequency instruments to upgrade to a mmWave solution, mmWave researchers can establish a laboratory environment for rapid research. They can also help promote and realize the popularization of mmWave 5G communication, at an economical cost and in a shorter time frame.

Compatible With

  • SDR (USRP)
  • Radio
  • Signal/ Spectrum Analyzer
  • Signal Generator
  • gNB Emulator

Use Cases

Antenna Designers

No need to develop your beamforming testing system from scratch. the BBox™ antenna is detachable which means you can dock in your own antenna to test its performance. Beam angles can be easily changed by adjusting phase and amplitude.

5G Protocol Developers

5G Protocol developers can verify the beam tracking algorithm and protocols by connecting the BBox™ and Up/Down converter to the baseband instrument.