The best solutions are a team effort. Our valued partners have played vital roles in our most successful projects. That’s why Solubit is a relationship-driven company, where collaboration and innovation meet. We leverage our network of partnerships to ensure the best equipment is spec’d into your solution.


The Nerd Herd is a group of creative problem solvers, and by creative we mean crazy agile, technically versed, calculated risk-takers. We’ve helped clients on their way to space and found ways to measure shrimp growth using underwater vision systems. Wherever your big ideas take you, our team is here to support you along the way.


When we say Unparalleled Support, we mean it. The value we bring to your project doesn’t end with system deployment. Our objective is end-user ownership for each solution, and we plan for the investment that goal requires. We’re here for your success, so we don’t do hand-offs; we do relationships. Every deployment includes source code and a user manual, when necessary.