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Ingersoll-Rand Green Testing and Cobra Cycle Machine

  • Integrated Control and Test
  • Multi-axis servo motor control
  • Autonomous data acquisition
  • Up to 18 separate test cells
  • Real-time Force & Torque feedback

These systems have allowed Ingersoll-Rand engineers to shorten their design cycles by as much as 66%. This allowed IR to reduce time to market and increase profit on target product lines. The use of servo motors avoided wasteful constant running of compressors thereby reducing operational and maintenance costs.

A collection of Windows-based and embedded test systems that incorporate efficient servo motors for door lock cycle tests on as many as eighteen separate test cells.  These systems incorporate force and torque feedback during cycling so that, even though the cycles are run at a high rate, the loads presented to the locks are identical to standard usage.  Our systems have allowed their engineers to shorten their design cycles by as much as 2/3rds. Use of servo motors avoids wasteful constant running of compressors.

  • Category:Process Control & Automated Test
  • Client:Ingersoll-Rand

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