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Compact DAQ Trigger System

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A compact and flexiblecRIO  retrigger system for real-time applications.  This platform offers great flexibility, portability, and at an affordable price.  Most importantly, the cRIO systems feature an on-board FPGA that offers the ability to perform sophisticated count, reset, and re-trigger operations, all with hardware timing (with rates up to 10MHz).  The typical system consists of a cRIO-9076 chassis with integrated controller with NI 9401 8 channel TTL i/o card.  Additional slots are available for expansion to other sensor types.

This system has custom LabVIEW software running onboard that performs the re-trigger function.  The system will perform its retrigger function using settings passed to it from a user application running on a laptop, connecting to the cRIO through the Ethernet jack.  The system will remember its last settings, so it can be used stand-alone from power-up.  The system offers space for up to four cRIO modules.  Since the present requirements are fulfilled using one slot, three slots are available for future increased capability

A typical system application reads two shaft encoder TTL outputs, one which produces an edge for every degree of rotation, and one that produces a reference edge once per revolution.  The shaft can rotate at speeds up to 6000rpm, generating a degree pulse every 27.8us, or at a frequency of 36kHz.  The system must read these two encoder outputs and then generate a TTL output that will be used to trigger a thermal imager.

An output trigger is required once per N degree counts, where N is selectable by the user, and the count can be reset with the occurrence of the reference edge.  They also require an adjustable delay between the Nth count and the edge of the output trigger, and the ability to adjust the width of the output trigger.

  • Category:Chemical and Industrial
  • Client:Solubit

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