Process control and automation increase throughput in automative manufacturing.

Process Control and Automation

We have proven success with active process monitoring solutions for discrete or mixed I/O machines to drive full process control and automation.

Test and Measurement automation shown in a data GUI.

Test and Measurement Automation

Benefits of automation in test and measurement processes include reduced time to market, reduced production cost, and expanded throughput.

Big data management and insight enables the organization and accessibility of high volumes of information.

Big Data Management and Insight

Data is a valuable resource and can drive insightful, strategic decision-making. Gathering, analyzing, sharing, and storing data requires method and infrastructure.

Build-to-Print Services


Based on design documentation provided by the customer, we build everything from a basic power supply to complex test architectures.

Deployed Asset Management and environmental control

Deployed Asset Management

Our solutions provide customized software platforms to efficiently ensure unit status, consistent performance, and maintenance for all test and control assets, regardless of the location.

Start-Up Assistance for the hardware and software you rely on.

Start-Up Assistance Program

The Start-Up Assistance Program is designed to support a quick and efficient setup for your new measurement and control equipment.