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Trigger Validation

Measurements as low as 0.2 Hz

Key Technology

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The Challenge

Sensitive geological formations and historically important structures near Airforce bases are exposed to extreme vibrations caused by sonic booms. The National Parks Services required a system that could target these specific measurements, to gain insight into the impact of a sonic boom on various National Park sites.

Solubit’s Solution

The main focus of this specialty measurement solution was signal characterization to ensure differentiation between a sonic boom occurrence from other potential sources of data noise.

Solubit employed a specialized accelerometer to measure the slow vibrations of a sonic boom. This system employed a 7 point real-time signal assessment and characterization. A given signal must meet all 7 points of characterization to trigger a sonic boom occurrence.

The Sonic Boom Detector allows ease of use in romote monitoring settings. This stand-alone application can be used for both live acquisitions as well as post-processing in the absence of hardware.

Solubit’s specialty measurement solution is equipped with trigger validation capability and can take measurements as low as 0.2 Hz.