Solubit’s Startup Assistance Services

The Startup Assistance Program is designed to support a quick and efficient setup for your new measurement and control equipment. You will be paired with a certified automated test engineer as a guide through setup, installation, and initial configuration processes for your system hardware and software. 

We’ll help you avoid common system startup issues such as improper connectivity, improper cabling, not leveraging existing code, incorrect selection and installation order of drivers, and incorrect setup of communication with control devices.

Let’s launch your system smoothly, together!

Select Support from the Following Areas

Interface Initial Configuration

Establish proper communication with the PC or controller device in your system. Whether serial, GPIB, LAN, or industrial communication, getting your communications set up correctly is important.

Sensor Wiring Guidance

Improper connectivity is the number one way to damage or destroy your sensor. The focus of this service is to ensure proper signal-to-device routing, termination, and conditioning. We’ll help you get it right the first time and every time. 

Hardware Setup

Hardware setup includes unpackaging, cabling, and initialization. This guidance will help prevent damage from improper power and physical connectivity of components as well as promote good practice for future moves and installs. 

Software Installation Guidance

Ensure only what is needed is installed and ready to run. Includes direction on selection and installation order of drivers, application software, & additional toolkits or libraries to prevent conflicts and other issues down the line. 

Application Orientation

Getting started with your application can be the biggest challenge. We will guide you through an orientation of the application, what it is designed to do and how to use it. The focus is to guide you through the features and interface of the package to accelerate your ownership (Software & Hardware).

Programming Examples

Rule #1 of programming is to leverage existing code. We will help you identify relevant examples to your application for leveraging existing code. This is a high-level overview of the code, to promote good programming basics a fast start to your results.