TMYTEK logo in back.

Beamforming Development Tool Experts:

  • Established in Taiwan in 2014
  • TMYTEK is dedicated to solving all the mmWave challenges in the 5G/ B5G era
  • ORAN has listed TMYTEK as an alliance contributor.

Solubit is proud to be an official distributor and partner with TMYTEK, a mmWave total solution provider.

TMYTEK’s line of BBox™ mmWave components and systems address the challenges of 5G development and production better than any other instruments. These tools can be integrated with any brand of equipment. 

Not only do they provide mmWave products and services, but they are also able to integrate them with software control which makes it very user-friendly. 

TMYTEK aims at Radio Unit (RU) and implements the 5G FR2 phased arrays with advanced Antenna-in-Package (AiP) technology, integrating RU total solution along with DU & CU solution partners. They position Themselves as the high-performance RU innovator. For mass production lines, our XBeam resolves the slow OTA testing issue to fulfill the hundred millions of mmWave modules, smartphones, and base stations to be tested before shipping. ORAN has listed TMYTEK as an alliance contributor.

NI URSP Configuration