Image of jet engine with system monitoring and control built in-house by Solubit


Turnkey Solutions

BBoard: Beamforming Educational Tool

By adjusting the phase and the gain of each RF channel and observing the result on instrumentation, students can establish the connection between the theory and the real world.

5G Instruments: Beamformers

The Beamformer Series is a set of compact tools designed to help you move into 5G NR mmWave beamforming development and test with ease.

mmWave Developer Kit

The best way to learn new technology is to get hands-on experience by operating it step-by-step. The Developer Kit is not only suitable for education and academics but R&D for prototype development as well.

PCB Design Reliability Test

An intuitive application that allows users to define thermal profiles and control the execution of oven cycling.

Trigger System

Built for real-time applications, this system is web-based, allowing for stand-alone use from power-ups.

Engine Test Cell

Deployed internationally and is used in design labs on three continents for component testing up to full system testing.